Pricing Strategy and Tactics

Pricing Strategy and Tactics Executive Education is essential for all managers responsible for creating, evaluating, and implementing pricing strategies and for executives charged with the overall profitability of the firm. Our training courses are structured to provide practical training and to enable participants to get the most out of their experience. Key Skills to be learned in the Pricing Strategy and Tactics course include:

  • Setting prices at levels that maximize profits
  • Measuring the customers’ willingness to pay – and learning how to shape their willingness based on the value created
  • Understanding which costs are relevant to pricing decisions
  • Anticipating competitive moves and designing your strategy accordingly
  • Maximizing revenue based on market segmentation and the value that each segment perceives in the good or service
  • Approaching pricing decisions from the standpoint of customer lifetime value
  • Understanding how to price products across the entire line to maximize overall profitability
  • Identifying key leakage points between the list price and the realized price – and methods to reduce the leakage
  • Maximizing the profitability of negotiated pricing deals

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