Pricing Program Impact

The executive education program aims at supporting executives by enhancing their understanding of advanced, practice-orientated pricing concepts and strategies, in particular through the discussion of many current case studies covering a wide range of industries.

The executive education program features specialized topics such as luxury pricing and price wars as well as general ones like current pricing methodologies and pricing communication strategies. In particular, active participation via discussions, team problem solving and applying the course material to an array of current cases dramatically increases the educational value.

Typically, participants can directly implement some of the suggestions immediately when returning to their companies. Our goal is to empower participants to:

  • Think differently about pricing and be aware of the options a company has when pricing products and services
  • Implement some concepts right away when returning to the company
  • Become familiar with the more technically challenging aspects of pricing

Specifically, after attending this course, executives will be able to:

  • Analyze customer needs and assess alternative pricing methodologies
  • Understand the concepts and implementation of various pricing strategies
  • Combine pricing and revenue management strategies to optimize the firm’s revenue
  • Evaluate whether additional investment in IT infrastructure could significantly improve the company’s pricing strategies

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