Pricing Course Curriculum

The program combines educational presentations, productive in-session assignments, and participant collaboration to provide actionable learning. Our training courses are structured to provide practical training and to enable participants to get the most out of their experience. Our format includes:

  • Detailed pre-course questionnaires to allow you to tailor the program to address your individual concerns
  • Blend of lecture, in-class projects, and participant discussion designed to create the most productive learning environment
  • Small class size, allowing for greater interaction among participants and individual contact with the instructors
  • Hard and soft copies of presentation materials and tools

Participants in this course learn a broad spectrum of pricing and revenue management strategies, including basic methodologies, specialized topics such as price wars or luxury pricing, and even new approaches like the pricing of digital products. Case studies over a wide range of industries provide valuable insights (please request full brochure below to see each topic in the schedule).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of representative session topics:

  • Pricing for New Products
  • Two-Part Pricing
  • Bundling of Services
  • Using Conjoint Analysis to Measure Price Sensitivity
  • Financial Impact of Pricing Decisions
  • Assessing Lifetime Value of Customers
  • Negotiation Strategies in Pricing Decisions
  • Pricing for Short- and Long-Lifecycle Products
  • Price Discrimination and Performance-Based Pricing
  • Product Line Pricing
  • Psychological and Ethical Pricing Considerations
  • Legal Issues in Pricing

Please click below to request a detailed brochure including a full sample timetable of the program.

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